February 14th, 2021


Секреты мертвой королевы

Поэтому, хотя баба Лиза давно дед (dead)- ее смерть не торопятся объявить.

на этой неделе оказалось, что королеве Елизавете II принадлежит британское морское дно.
И это "лакомый кусочек".
Ведь королева получила 25% от 9 миллиардов фунтов стерлингов,
которые были уплачены за соглашения о праве в течение следующих 10 лет устанавливать ветровые станции в британской акватории.

The exact origins of Queen’s consent are unclear. There is evidence it was first invoked in 1728 in relation to maritime law, when King George II gave parliament permission to debate the suppression of piracy bill.
“We don’t know very much. It’s not a modern development,” said Dr Adam Tucker, a senior lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Liverpool who was one of three experts to give evidence to a parliamentary committee examining the mechanism of consent in 2014.
In its present incarnation, the procedure is supposed to apply to two categories of laws. The first are those that affect the fundamental powers of state known as the royal prerogative, such as the ability to declare war or conduct foreign affairs. While formally such powers are vested in the person of the monarch, in practice they are exercised by the government.
The second category of laws in which consent is invoked is those affecting the revenues, assets or interests of the crown, principally referring to the historical landholdings known as the crown estate, the Queen’s estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, and Prince Charles’s estate, the Duchy of Cornwall.
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